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Micro Credit Management System

A powerful and complete solution for Credit Management




o    User Friendly Interface

o    Customer Management

o    Support Multiple & Customize Products

o    Credit Management

o    Support Customize Interest Rate

o    Support Higher Levels Data Security & Integrity

o    Easy Information & Data Sharing

o    Savings of Manpower

o    Savings Paperwork

o    Provide live support (online, phone & client site)

o    Ensure High Performance Rate, 100 % accuracy and 0% Error Rate so on.



User Friendly Interface

The Graphical User Interface is designed to be extremely simple & provide a consistence look & feel to the end user. It is aesthetically designed with pleasant colors so that it does not cause much of a train to the eyes. It's designed is targeted towards easy learning & pleasant user experience.


To ensure highest security level and preventing manual error as well as providing user friendly interface always show details information.


o     Manage Multiple Funds

o     Manage Multiple Products

n      User Defined Loan Products

n      User Define Interest Type & Interest Rate

n      Support Various Charges

o      Processing Charge

o      Service Charge

o      Over Due Charge

o      Interest On Overdue

o     Loan Management

n      SHG Loan Management

n      Individual Loan Management

o     Interest

n      User Defined Interest

o     Security

Ensure that the data is secure, as the system does not allow unauthorized users to access the data and manipulate it, thereby preventing fraud and mis-representation of financial data.

n      Software Security

o     No one can premised to open this program without proper authenticate him/her-self

o     User must provide their ID & Password before access

n      Employee Security

o     Employee can only access pre-defined Forms.

o     They can perform only pre-allocated rights.

n      Transaction Security

o     All Transaction will validate by their superior authority

n      Loan Disbursed/Approved

n      EMI received

n      All Cash Transaction

n      All Bank Transaction




o     Daily report

o     Monthly report

o     Overdue Report

n      Details Report

n      Report On Time Frame

n      Region Wise Report

o     Outstanding

o     Bank Statement

o     Cash Statement

o     Loan Statement

o     Performance Report (With Chart)


Special Advantage


o     Multi Loan Support

o     Top up Loan

o     Interest Calculation

n      Monthly Interest

n      Daily-wise Interest (on demands for settlement)

o     Interest On Overdue

o     Charge on non-payment

o     Charge on Cheque return

o     On Special Purpose :

n      Waiver

n      Interest

n      Charge


Special Notification:: Status Bar


o           Loan Information

n      Loan Applied

n      Loan Disbursed

n      Loan Pending

n      Total Outstanding

n      Total Overdue

n      Individual SHG/Customer names, who are not paying EMI more then 6 month

o           Total Payment Received

o           Cheque Pending For Approval

o           Available Cash



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